Voices, voices, whispering in my head, Crazy images, all the things you said, Faster, slower, colder, liar, Memories of memories come and make me upset, I told you the truth, you said it wasn’t you, You noticed I realized, you must see it’s too late, You said you were alone, your promises fade away, I see there’s no good intentions behind the show that you do… CDs and letters and roses, just papers and lies, Misery, forget it, so many troubles in vain, You never felt anything, it’s too much for you understand, You lied, you’re gone, your coward, now your lies make my life… Your eyes are made from glass, is my heart made from plastic ? What was never good, now is so horrible, happened so fast, just like magic, The universe conspires in favor of my revenge, I see, Someday you’ll drink from bitter, thinking it’s sweet, just like me !


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