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Please, don’t
Please leave me here all by my thoughts
Contemplating this warming love
Although, so many times, so tepid love
I’m sorry that I can’t get over
Sorry is an excuse I can’t get over
Don’t you make me hurt you
‘Cause it’s so lame to blame you for my words
It’s so cruel from the Universe
To put you with someone you don’t deserve
Leave me with the loneliness that I earn, then
Leave me with the loneliness that I consume
When I am not allowed to serve you
Every time I hurt you is an irreparable bleeding
That I truly wish that could have never happened
I could never ask of you to see
That I was drowning
And every misunderstood is one more wave into this sea
Every mile you stop walking
Is one more wave
That always seems to be the last
‘Cause I’m breathless