Have you ever seen the death with her acid arms ? DId you ever look into her starving eyes ? Do you wonder if you will be there to witness the moment that she passes by the people you love ?
   Someday, all your life will be summed in ashes. Can you take it ? Sure ?
   You’ll regret every fucking moment you wasted, caring about frivolous things, caring in vain, loving in vain… Is it possible ? To love in vain ??
   You’ll regret of every time you fighted, when you shouldn’t. You’ll think about the mess made, and you’l feel disgusting.
   Maybe this life is so horrible because of only two factors: first, we can’t go back on time, no matter how hard you want; second, one word: ilusions. The worst thing about them is that they, suddenly, appear, and they, suddenly, are gone. What breaks us in millions of little pieces is the lost of ilusions, when we wake up. I mean, if you passed you whole life believing in a ilusion, you would not suffer, you wouldn’t feel the pain of the truth. If the lies could last forever, we would never be dissapointed.
   We’re all fools, and we’re intended to be deceived for ever and ever…


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