I promise I will find
My way back home.
You can’t see, you’re so blind,
But I’m better alone.

I’ll get my pieces back,
I’ll get up in every step,
I swear that I won’t need you,
I swear that I won’t miss you…

I’ll be happy, I’ll smile,
I will feel it on my soul,
I’ll start to live my life,
I will just let you go.

How can you come and say
That everything’s alright ?
How can you lie this way
While you’re looking to my eyes ?

I’ll be ok, I’m just sick
Of watching my thoughts.
Learning again how to breath,
I feel blue and kind lost…

But, see, I know that there’s a reason
For all, and nothing takes forever,
The end will come, just like the seasons,
Soon, I know, things will get better.

I’ll forget you and what you’ve done,
See, I’m going now, so long,
When the sunrise comes…
I’ll be already gone.


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