Like when you start to wonder why,
Why always so far ?
You ask yourself if things should really
Be this hard…
No strenght to talk; no one to hear…

And when he says “I love you too” well, it hurts,
Cuz you cannot really believe his words…
You feel like breaking and it sucks…
Oh, why did you fake, left me lost in flame,
Made me want you to care ?

Like when you try to ask him
"Why don’t you go away ?
We both know you were never here,
But you still wanting him to pretend,
No one to hear; to talk, no strenght…

When you want to say “I love you”
Before you hear an “I adore you”,
I'd never ever blame you...
Can I say the intentions were good ?
Can I say those words were just cruel ?

Hurts… I can’t make you mine…
Hurts… You kiss me when I’m about to die,
So I smile whenever you breath,
Whenever I breath: whenever you smile.
All you used to say, did you really mean ?


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