I was there, one year ago, lieing, faking it all. I still (do we ?) have some blemishes of those days..
   One year ago sounds too little to me. Nevertheless, when I turn myself around to notice the path from where I came... Would take me much more than a year to remind, to relive,  to rescue all the memories. That was the longest year, no doubt.
   It's funny that things are changing all the time, however, they always remain the same.. The view is the same, everything stills like before. The stories are repeated but everything always seems new.
   I remember exactly what I was thinking, exactly one year ago. Maybe, wasn't me who thought that way. Maybe today, I'm not the person I was anymore.
   I used to like to hold you. Used to tolerate mosquitoes and smell of cinnamon. I used to like you.


  1. Mudou a letra do blog? Er, rs...
    Amodoro as coisas que você escreve em inglês!
    Obrigada por sempre lembrar do meu blog!
    Te amo também, xuxu!


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