Useless Words…

   I’m not completely free, but I’m free enought to say what I want, and that’s why I’ll choose the silence. I’ll let you fall to pieces with the emptyness of the absence of my words.
   I’d tell you that I don’t wanna know about anything about you. I’d say that I don’t wanna keep my memories of you, that I won’t keep with me anything from you.
   It's weird how those mistakes can ruin all we used to be. When we were far from each other, we were far from ourselves, and we were dieing together. Now I'm here, stabbing myself, and you're there, thinking you can fool me.
   I’ll throw away the scapular you gave me. I’ll spew the chocolates of the Valentine's Day. I’ll cut the flowers you sent me. I’ll delete all your damned messages… And, well, you’ll never have your answers.
   I think it’s not the most mature thing to do, but, this is what I wanna do, so… I’ll just shut up and keep on living. Cuz you just don’t deserve any word from me… You never deserved anything from me.
   Well… I only thank you… Cuz you’re making much more easy for me to get over you.


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