And we still feeling guilty for you…

  Think about what you’re saying. You’re a monster.
  You’re digging your own hole, you’re becoming negligible to all us.
  How can you do this with the only people who really love you ? Yeah, they love you, even you hurting them all the time, they still loving you.
  You’re so selfish. I’m ashamed of you. Sometimes I feel like I just can’t like you anymore. Sometimes I feel bad for it, sometimes I only feel angry.
  You have no idea of what life is, you still thinking you are the best person of the Earth, because you’re super smart. I admit, you’re smart. Smart and oportunist. You learn lots of things every day, but you never learn how it’s like to be good. It’s just out of you to be a honest person. You’re only kind when you know it’s appropriate. You’re detestable.


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