We're born from the hate,
We're searching for a scape.
We stole some wings to fly,
We stole some dreams to die.

We bury our eyes on the wall.
We pretend we appall.
We try the extraordinary,
But deep inside, we're just too solitary…

We come along to strike,
We come to shot in the fight,
We hold ourselves to the war,
We kill the strong and the fair.

We drink some fire to our lips,
We stable a knife in our grips,
We burn our flesh and our home,
Cuz we're just living alone…

Everybody wants to be different,
Everybody wants to reverse the change,
We put our bodies out, so we can take a chance.

We all intend to be smart,
We just don't know where to start..
We all intend to have fun -
Now I don't know what I've done.

We all intend to be cruel,
We all intend to be cool,
We all intend to be cute,
We all intend to be good…

Good liars.


  1. Nossa, não sei qual parte impressionou-me mais.Esse foi um dos mais marcantes que já li.


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