Ninny Verses of Flame

Your shining eyes
dance with the Sun along the sky.
When your lips round a smile
I feel so glad I am alive !
Through the seconds I hold your warm
feels like I’m walking on the stars…
I croon these ninny verses of flame
with my childish voice... I claim your name
over my dreams... Dreams that I disclaim.


  1. very delicate and beautiful. the simplest poetry is the most sincere.

    thank you for your comment. please accept my apologies for not responding.

    my blog mirrors my one on wordpress, and i do not post as often as i would like.

    i do not have a blogroll here, but i do on my other blog. i will add you.

    you have a very beautiful blog. i love the colors. they are soothing and easy to read.

    i don't think i'm a very good commenter. i'm not sure i'm even a poet.

    but your words meant a lot to me.


  2. É,praticamente todos os postes que eu leio fazem-me perceber como você deve estar se sentindo,rs


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