I’m back…

When I saw your face running at my direction, I was sure about three things:
First -> I wouldn’t resist the temptation of having your lips in mine, your taste in my mouth, your arms around me and the smell of your perfume in my nose. I wouldn’t.
Second -> I thought I loved you less than I should, but I can see clearly that I love you more than I can take !
Third and last -> I’m strong again. And I’ll use this strength to fight for the love I feel.
See, I don’t wanna leave you again to see how much I miss you. I don’t wanna take the risk of lost you definitely never again. NEVER ! I don’t wanna give up forever of you without trying, without fighting, cuz I know I will regret.

So, here we are again. This love is fuckin’ impossible as always. You still acting like a kid sometimes and I show you everyday I am a person with a lot of mess in my mind.
Our magic was never lost, it was just sleeping, but now it is awake, it is taking care of our love. Our magic make our love remain. And the taste of the danger still bitter, but I’m already accustomed, and it’s kind delicious in my mouth, ‘cause it taste just like our kisses.


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