They say…

They say you are what you eat, what you dress, the songs you hear, the way you dance, the color of your skin, the place where you live, what you drink, your family, what you do on your free time, the way you talk, the way you walk, your favorite color, your clothes, the place where you study, your expectations, your aspirations, what you smoke, your friends, your interests, what you care about,.
They say you will never change.
They say you've been changing too fast.
They say you're too much to be doing those things.
They say you're not enought to do this thing.
They say you should be humbler and not try to judge anybody.
They're watching at you and judging you every second.
They have got expectations on you.
They say you only dissapoint them.
They say they trust on you.
They say you don't deserve anything from them.
They say you do everything wrong.
They simply mess up your life when you think that is everything right.
They say you’re the blame for everything that goes wrong.
They say you should be like that.
They say you’re too young.
They say you’re already too old.
They say you don’t have the right to feel anything.
They say you should be more sensitive to the world around you.
They say you've got a single elegancy... And this is when you open your mouth for the first time and tell them to go to hell.


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