I Belong to Nothing

Where do I belong ?
I don’t need a moon

There’s a sad song
That will become real soon

It’s time to get sad again
'Cause happiness never lasts

She treats me as i have no brain
Wish I could go back to past

He took my hand
He kissed me

He took my heart and
He missed me

But happiness never takes too long
And I’ll always be this sad

So here I am with my lonesome
This never sounded so bad

I only want someone
Who can take me away

I still think he’s handsome
I still wanting him to stay

Will I ever see him again ?
Will I ever be ok ?

Will they ever let me be who I am ?
Will I ever have a chance to go away ?

Why always have to be this way ?
I always get so close to my end

But I still hearing what they say
I'm not ok, I can't pretend

Can’t you see you’re hurting me ?
Let me live my life

Can’t you just stop doing this ?
He’s all I need by my side

And if I have to fall
Nothing gonna change it

But feels like you don’t care at all
And you think I’m your propriety

Tell me where do I belong ?
Don’t tell me to be strong

Tell me where do I belong ?
Don’t tell me I am wrong

Tell me where do I belong ?
Where do I belong ?

And if I leave this all behind,
Will I find a way to fly ?

If I leave this all behind,
WIthout a word, without goodbye,

Will I can make you see
How unhappy you’re making me ?

I hope someday you understand me
I hope someday you realize…


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