Lonely Death

His sensitive rose
A sensitive ghost
Crying on the roof
Praying for the moon

He woke up at night
He couldnt believe his eyes
She wasn’t by his side
So, she called her one last time

She said “I prefer to die
Than ever make you cry”
That night he realized
She would never tell a lie

A lonely ghost
A lonely hope
Her love is alive
But he will never know

A lonely tear
She just desappeared
Her love is from dark
Her love will survive
But he will never know

The lips of that child
When they complete a smile
Ignorance believes that
All is over with the death

All against looks stronger
All reminds him of her
This is how was suppose to be
But all reminds her of him

A lonely star
A lonely shine
Her love is alive
But he will never know

A lonely desire
That he wants to hide
Her love will survive
She’s close to his arms
But he’ll never know

No, no
He just can’t feel
Her now
But it’s so real
So real

A lonely ghost with
A lonely hope
A lonely star in
A lonely night

A lonely tear for
A lonely dream
A lonely fear of
A lonely death

He’ll never believe
He’ll never accept…


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