That is You

I can tell him I'll love him forever,
I'd say anything to make him feel better,
I'm trying to believe that we'll can be together,
But I know that this dream isn't clever...

I'd say "I'm sorry, reality hurts",
But nobody seem to like me the way he does,
As I like him too, I can't let him down,
He says we'll be together somehow...

If I had the chance, I'd make things different,
Please, let me do it, I'll take the consequences !
They say I'm too young and I don't know what love is,
But I'm only too young to have so much pain because of this !

I know there's nothing left to do about it,
But he keeps tellin' me he'll find a way.
The time runs faster, I wanna stop it
And bring him to my side, for the rest of my days...

He will be always in my mind,
He will be forever in my heart,
I know I'll never can call him "mine" (again),
I know we'll always be apart...

I don't think our love will can be real,
But, maybe we can have a deal,
And, if someday, we make it true,
I'll have all I want, that is you !


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