My Tears Dried…

… Yeah, I guess they did.
Humm.. It sounds bad, doesn’t it ?
Well.. What if I tell you I'm sick of crying ? And what if I tell you I know that cry won't make things different ? What if I tell you I'm glad I didn't cried, 'cause the tears's taste is nothing new to me ?
It's not that he doesn't worth it, it's just that... I'm conformed. And tired of my tears.
You know, I'm too young to be hurt for that fuckin' crazy little thing that people like to call "love", but.. This shit hurts me all the time.
All the time I try to get it, it hurts me, clings to my chest and rips me with sharp claws, sharp claws full of poison.
So now, I cried for this so much that my tears dried.
I wanted this so much, that I just can't have hopes to get this anymore.
I'm not complaining, I mean, who needs love anyway ?

Neither you, nor I.

Ok, who I'm trying to fool ?
I need all love possible. And I know you do too.
I would live for love, if this shit didn't hate me so much. As it does, so I can only live my empty live.
Living only for my lonesome.
Don't feel sorry for me, I don't even know what I am talking about.
Love's cold, love hurts.
Love can be the worst part of being alive, but, if you never loved, if you never found love, so, your life doesn't make sense.

Live a life that have no sense.. Humm, that sounds very good for me now.


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