Night’s Rain

Comes to embroider your clouds in my sky
You're so delicated, stay a little more with me
Comes like stabs, comes to make me blind
I want every piece of your delicacy

I need your kisses to make me feel free
Oh, I need your sweetness to cure my weak
My emptyness is killing me
Rain, only you can curl me so silently

Rain on me, bring with you your wind
Comes to fall over my dreams
Please, take away my wish to cry
Bring your taste directly to my lips

Comes to complete me, don't forget me
Don't say you'll go away forever
Yeah I'm waitin' for you to marry me
We're nothing if we're not together

The sunrise light’s shines while you're goin' away
And I'll keep countin’ every second of my day
Just waitin' the sun go burry itself on my loneliness
Waitin' you come to bring your darkness


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