A Hopeless Goodbye

   I can’t explain how much I wish you were here. It’s more than I thought that I could. It’s more than you could ever feel. It’s more than they could ever know.
   I can’t understand why I miss you so much, why I just can’t stop thinking of you, doesn’t matter what I do, doesn’t matter how hard I try. I can’t understand why I’m feeling this way. It’s so hard, it’s so intense that it burns my skin. It’s so strong, it doesn’t leave me never, not even when I (try to) dream.
   It’s like you’re in everywhere. Everytime I look around, I see your face, and for one misery second I get so happy and breathless, ‘cause I always believe that your image is real… But then, one second later, I realize that what I saw was just another mirage, made by my broken, lonely and insane heart. My poor heart.
   There’s another thing that I’ve been trying to understand, and I just couldn’t… It is that, doesn’t matter how much I need you, it just doesn’t make difference. I could do anything, I could go run at the Sun, I could go swim at the Hell, but nothing would ever make possible, make real our love. Nothing could ever bring you to me. And also doesn’t matter what you do to try to get me, doesn’t matter how big is your love for me (- I still not sure if this love is real as you think it is -). Nothing is gonna change the fact that we’re apart.
   We’re apart now and will be this way untill the end of our lives. Well, I noticed I’m dead inside, and I decided that I don’t wanna live without you anymore. I don’t wanna live dead, just waiting for the real death to come.
                       Goodbye, my impossible love,
                       I’ll see you on the other side.


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