To be... Human.

We are the careful and the displicence.
We are so... equal, and so different.
The promise and the abandonment.
To be and to seem.

I... I was, I am all that I said I was. I will.
You thought... Thought that, I don't know, don't tell me, don't, I don't
want to know, it's not up to you to say.
What's on me, since then, such an unfair emptyness ! So unfair ! We... regressed. I regret it all cuz it burns on me.
As we are, now, less than we were when we met. Like we're in -100, in a range from 0 to 10.
No intimacy, just the way I miss what... just wasn't there. I bet everything I had in a... Illusion (a worn, clumsy, weak and stupid euphemism to "lie").
See you and me: ingratitude and betrayal. Hurts...
Everytime your image comes to my mind. I want to avoid, not to think... (Thinking, I though; cannot let go, I must). Force myself a thousand times to embrace this reality.
Much less, much more, much... Too much. As I heard you shatter me, I waited, with all my strenght, I was so right I would wake up like from a nightmare, on the expectation that you'd come and say "just kidding". I was hoping to find my whole dream, intact.


  1. porque até os sonhos são levados de nós, ah se existissem ilusões eternas...


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