She kind choose without choosing
To live a new life away from him.
She kind fears without fear
To say the things he has to hear.

She loves him, loves a lot,
But that's not that right
As it may seem.
She may be dreaming with aught,
But the shadow he putted on her eyes
Hides whatever she may be.

She loves him and he feels the same,
But that's not that pretty
As it should be for real.
She lives only for him, since this feeling came,
But his heart is too briery,
Too hurt to be healed.

And there comes the time
That he will swear to smooth his blame:
"Babe, it will not happen again,
Sorry for making you cry."

But his deep blue eyes, his deep blue lies,
He may not be that guilty, he believes them too...
But with just deep blue lies, those deep blue nights
Can't be fixed anymore, with an "I love you".


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