It’s a shame we can’t talk,
So I have to write for you…
It’s a shame: we still in love,
But too weak to get through…

I guess this letter, I wrote,
Cuz you pulled me away,
I just wanted you closer
And you had nothing to say…

This silence is breaking me,
If we were all we need,
So we’d be happy now,
Regardless people’s clouds…

All that I wanna tell you:
It’s a pitty I can’t sell you
And get my old one back
And not fall with every step,

Cuz all I wanted to hear:
"Oh, I wish you were here”,
But you’re too afraid to fall
And we’re too small at all…



  1. "If we were all we need,
    So we'd be happy now!"
    Isso fez mto sentido...
    E o "Oh, I wish you were here!" tbm.
    Eu te amo, obrigada por traduzir algumas coisas!


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