I remember the time that nights used to smell like chocolate and I used to fight so hard just to have one minute with you.
I spent nights awake and sleeping during my classes. I remember the songs you sent me and that used to warm my heart and how I used to feel just for thinking of you... Oh, I missed you, in every damn second. I wished you were by my side all the time.
They say you must keep going, without looking to the past.. Our future was always faded to be passed. How much time we both lost...
I thought I loved you with a love bigger than our constelation.
I remember how hurt to find those lies and how I closed my eyes to them, to keep on, surviving.
You became absent of my nights and dreams. Not that soon, but soon anyway, you were gone from my all, as a mark of coffee, that goes fading away with the turning of pages. Time goes by...


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