I’ll remain…

Sorry, we couldn't find him,
But, don't you cry for it:
He told you he loved you,
And he meant it, I'm sure.
Don't cry, will be harder:
Your tears will squeeze
Your heart when you miss
His eyes on yours.
Don't cry cuz, if you do,
You won't see his eyes
When they return…
Don't cry, hold on to
His love that will never die,
That will forever burns.
Oh boy, though it all,
He'll keep his words:
He'll be the hope of the fall,
He'll be the flight of the bird.
Don't cry cuz he will be
Yours, forever and ever…
Protect your youth from you tears.
Protect your sweetness from me,
Cuz would you ever rather
To be consumed by your fears ?
Oh, your innocence
Makes you believe in his absence,
But don't cry, don't you cry…
Step up, and soon
He'll come from hell, to you.
Don't cry, cuz I…
Well, I will remain alone.
Your teeth give you a great smile,
Use it to be your home,
Don't cry, cuz I,
I will remain alone…


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