I don’t wanna see those tears running through your face again. They tasted like iron… Maybe they were drops of blood, but, well, I can’t see the colors right now, the whole world was painted gray…
   Why were you always so alone ? If I could go back time, you would never be hurt.
   I took all those letters… You may don’t know which letters they are, ‘cause I never sent them… And I never will.   “I keep searching for an answer / It just ain't there…*”
   I read them all, it was like turn back time and feel that all again, but weaker… Weaker, just because now, I know the truth, and now I’m not about to fall for you no more. Anyway, it’s not your fault, not even mine… The time just passed by us, and, somehow, we stood in diferent dimensions… That’s sad. I used to like to think that I was in love. And, see, I don’t ever wanna lie to you again,  I’ll never tell you I love you again.   “And I can't forget that look on her face / It looked like an angel as she died in my prayers…*”
   Somehow, I miss you, and hope you’re well… Cuz, just before I let you go, it was easy to see, we were never what we thought we were. I’m sorry that the end came and took the best part of us. “Maybe someday I will see you again / And you´ll look me in my eyes and call me your friend…**”



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