Not My Owner

Don’t think of me as your girl.
Everytime I try to go away, I try to leave you ‘cause I know you’re not good for me, you just control me, you got me on your hands, you know it, you control me, you never let me go, you make me feel like I need you and like you need me.
You lie to me, and I know it, but you make me feel like I SHOULD believe your lies.
It’s so confuse.
I’ll get over you, I don’t need you and I get just fine when I don’t feel stuck on you. You can’t be my owner.
No, you’re not my owner. You gotta let me go now.
I’m done. I’m sick of it.
I’m doing better without you.
You were not made for me. I wasn’t made for you.
You never loved me, I never needed you. I just thought I needed. I’m trying to convince myself that I was wrong all the time.
You’ll be out of my life quite soon, at least I hope it.
I know you don’t think of me, and I’m starting to forget you. Yeah, everyday, I forget you a little more, and love you a little less.
I’m going and I won't come back anymore.
You shouldn’t blame me for everything. You shouldn’t blame me for feeling insecure.
You shouldn’t lie to me. Now I’ll never believe you again.


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