Love With Him.

Now I see what you did to me.
Now I can feel the consequences of it.
Now it’s so hard to believe anybody.
It’s so hard to find myself in love.
Now I just can’t let myself dream anymore.
Now it’s just too hard for me to believe in things that are too good for truth.
Now I’m afraid of feelings… Now I’m afraid to get hurt again.
But, though I am this way, I can’t control my heart.
And all I know is that I’m in love again.
And that his words sound just perfect… Because, sometimes, they sound like yours.
And he says he is in love with me, just like you used to say.
And he says he is mine, just like I used to think you were.
But there’s one difference: he’s real.
And he makes me feel safe.
And I don’t feel like he’s lying to me,
I’m just too afraid to believe…
To believe that love were also made for me,
And that, maybe, I really found it, this time…
Maybe I can really call him mine.
And, well… I just can’t stop thinking about him.
And I can’t even try to stop dreaming about him.
I want to make him happy… I want him close to me,
And I’m sure, I’m so sure that he’s real…
And it’s so good to feel like he’s in love with a weird like me,
And it’s even better to feel like I’m in love with him…
Though this is the first time that I’m afraid of love,
I’m sure I am in love… In love with him.


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