some kind of fear and the wind dances his cold coreography whispering through the leaves loneliness steps i can hear under the rain that wake me up to find you away away away wonder why hurts my thoughts voices from the clouds calling me they say i could go walking they say they have wings for me they say they will come down to me and grab the silence of my dreams that never ever ever let them sleep they twitch to rest in peace some selfish tears from bruises you lick them that is just the start dear your scars will not let you close your eyes beneath the embrace of the heavy clouds that i have been talking they have been hidding all those stars hidding all that shine i know so i shut myself when the lips that i expect to say they care just stay open waiting for more and more and more food maybe if i could really follow those clouds i could go through the storm i could find the  endearment i need by catching a  thunder or two maybe i can  leave all my memories


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