Much to change,
but I can't bet where I should begin
once we made it a million times
and we get worst the more we try...

Is it safe to stay ?
Is it safe to believe what you say ?
Once you already sounded too true to doubt,
or was I too blind to turn around.

The case is that I'm timorous
To take one step without you,
But frightened by your scenario -
It's not like this I want to pursue.

I still smelling your perfume,
a sad story that I should have presume,
wondering if she'll ever notice...
Wondering if she'd have a choice.

I hope that you find
at least one truly song to the violin,
so that I finaly might
forget the noise of this sin, this sin...

Not speaking for me:
the girl's broken heart is just what I mean.
Can't anybody say
if it will ever be the same, someday ?


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